Groin and Hernia Scan


    MSK Scan

    The MSK scan is performed to check....

    Groin and Hernia is specifically the upper thigh/lower abdominal area.

    A groin ultrasound is used to assess the area between the upper thigh and abdomen as hernias most commonly affect the groin region at the top of the inner thigh.  You may also find hernias near surgical wounds as your body pushes on the incision.  A hernia can often cause a lump to appear, these are more noticeable when you cough or strain.


    • Lump in groin area
    • Lump in abdominal area
    • Pain in either of these areas
    • Inguinal/Femoral hernia

    Preparation for your scan:

    Please wear loose clothing and be able to remove clothes around the area that is being scanned.