About Ultrasound Care Scanning Services

Where Care and Quality Comes First

Ultrasound-Care Scanning Services Ltd is the diagnostic & clinical wing of Peek-a-Baby Ultrasound Services, which has been diligently and successfully serving in this field since 2008, as one of the pioneers in private ultrasound scanning. Having established an excellent reputation of professionalism and the ultimate quality of service in obstetrics and 4D, we have now expanded into the wider field of ultrasound in various diagnostic areas of the human body.

We hold all of our clients in the highest regard. We have a great team of radiologists, sonographers, chaperones and receptionists all working together to ensure that all of our customers walk away fully satisfied and confident of having had the ultimate service and the best value for money and time. Our aim is to provide accurate and to-the-point results in the shortest time in order to ensure that medical practitioners may then follow up diligently.

The use of ultrasound is safe to examine the human body using high-frequency sound waves. It helps to diagnose or monitor conditions of various parts and organs of the body. Unlike X-rays and other forms of radiation emitting methods, ultrasound does not carry any risks relating to radiation effects.

At Ultrasound-Care we follow strict clinical guidelines and protocols in carrying out the scanning procedures. We are registered with and regulated by the Care Quality Commission, strictly complying with all the relevant requirements.

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