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To our clients and patrons

Peek A Baby and Ultrasound Care Ltd will remain open and continue our diagnostic ultrasound scans as an essential medical need. This will also make sure that we are able to assist in alleviating pressure on our NHS and provide reassurance to our clients.

We have offered our support to the Governments COVID 19 Team for the response to the Coronavirus. It's possible that some of you may be able to help as well.

For more information please have a look at this site - https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus-support-from-business

Stay clean, stay safe, stay healthy.

Thank you

Peek a Baby

Your Scan in 3 Easy Steps

A member of our team can arrange an appointment for you at your earliest convenience in addition to answering any questions or enquiries you might have. No referral is needed from your GP as we are Patient led care. Please contact us on 0121 507 9901.

All scans are performed by fully trained and experienced sonographers. You are welcome to have up to 2 additional guests to the scan however, it is advised that children do not attend these scans. 

A detailed diagnostic report along with any relevant scan images will be prepared by your sonographer for your records. These can be shared with your medical practitioner.

About Our Patients

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