Deep Vein Thrombosis Scan (DVT)

One Leg £89 / Two Legs £109

  • Unilateral Scan (1 leg examined) 20 minute appointment
  • Bilateral Scan (2 legs examined) 30 minute appointment
  • This scan is available to men from the age of 16 years.

The DVT scan is performed to check the venous blood flow in the legs.

As well as:

  • Exclude the presence of thrombus (blood clot)
  • Unilateral Scan ( x1 Leg examined) 20 Minutes Scan
  • Bilateral Scan ( x2 legs examined) 30 Minutes Scan


  • Leg pain
  • Redness along the shins
  • Swelling of the lower extremities of the legs
  • Family history of DVT


  • Ultrasound applied from the groin down the leg
  • Wear loose fitted clothing
  • Maintain routine medication

A full report will be compiled for your GP to follow up.