Gynaecology Scans

Gynaecology Scans are usually carried out to try and determine any underlying problems that you may be experiencing.

A gynaecology scan should not be painful, during the scan, a gel will be applied over your abdomen, and a transducer (shaped like a thin wand) will be moved gently over the abdomen area. The scan works by using high-frequency waves that create an image of your internal organs.

There are various scans that come withing a gynaecology scan, these include :

Fertility Scan

A pelvic scan is a good starting point when investigating the ovaries, uterus and surrounding areas. There may be an underlying genealogical issue that could be hindering your chances of conceiving.

A fertility scan can give you peace of mind about your fertility and conception chances, as well as any answers to pelvic related issues

Pelvic Well Being Scan

A pelvic well-being scan is another scan that comes under the term of gynaecology scans. This scan is performed to check the condition and size of the uterus, lining of the womb and the ovaries.

Post Menopause Scan

A post menopause scan is another scan that comes under the gynaecology scans window. This scan can mainly be used to check the lining of the womb, condition of the ovaries and uterus. It can also be used to detect the presence of pelvic inflammatory diseases and ovarian cysts.

For gynaecology scans, you will be asked to wear loose clothing, ensure you have a full bladder, a full bladder pushes the intestines out of the way, so your reproductive organs will be easier to scan and see. You may be asked to drink 3 or 4 pints of water approximately an hour before your scan.

Gynaecology scans are an important way of checking that everything is as it should be in that area. Here at Ultrasound Care, we promise that care and quality come first. We can usually get you in for a gynaecology scan within a couple of days.

Our gynaecology scans will take approximately 30 minutes, and a full report will be compiled for your GP to follow up on.

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