Private Ultrasound Clinics Near Me

Are you looking for a private ultrasound clinic ‘near me’? At Ultrasound Care Scanning Services we are experts in scanning the following areas: general abdominal scans, kidney, ureter and bladder scans, deep vein thrombosis scan (DVT), cartroid arterial system scan and aortic surveillance scans.

We also offer Muscular Skeletal scanning on shoulders and upper arms, elbows and forearms, wrist and hand, hip and upper thigh, knee, ankle and foot.

We Offer Men and Women's Scans

If you are specifically looking for women’s gynaecology private ultrasound clinics ‘near me’ then Ultrasound Care Scanning Services offer fertility, pelvic well-being, post menopause and pregnancy anomaly scans.

If you are looking for male specific scans we offer general abdominal scans, prostate, kidney and bladder, scrotal/testicular, deep vein thrombosis, carotid arterial system and aortic surveillance scans.

Our facilities have been designed with our patients comfort in mind. There is a main reception area as well as a private waiting area with T.V programmes, magazines and comfortable seating. Our private scanning rooms ensure that the ultrasound scan ‘near me’ experience is a relaxed and professional.

Getting the appointment at a private ultrasound clinic ‘near me’ is markedly quicker than via the NHS. Radiologists will review the images and send a report to your doctor or relevant health professional.

Ultrasound Care Services follow strict clinical guidelines and protocols when carrying out scanning procedures. We are registered and regulated by the Care Quality Commission and comply with all the relevant requirements.

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