Fertility Scan Tips

Most couples will be lucky enough to conceive naturally when trying for a baby, usually, for a young healthy couple, it will normally happen within 12 months of trying, however many people are not so lucky and struggle to conceive.

Doctors suggest waiting at least 12 months before contacting them to see if there is a fertility problem. Here at Ultrasound care, we understand that waiting that long can feel like an eternity, so why not come and visit us for a fertility scan?

Our Top Tips

Trying to conceive can be an emotional and stressful process, we have listed a few tips to try and help if you are struggling…

  1. If you smoke-quit now! If you smoke chances are it will take you longer to conceive, studies show that if you are a non-smoker and relatively healthy you should conceive within a year, but if you are a smoker the chance of getting pregnant are cut by almost half each month.
  1. If you drink a lot of alcohol-now is the time to stop or at the very least cut right down. We know that drinking large amounts of alcohol can increase your risk of a miscarriage and premature birth. It can also cause problems for your baby, including low birth weight and learning or behavioural problems as they get older.
  1. Start taking a folic acid supplement. This is also known as vitamin B9, it is important you start taking these supplements at least two to three months before you try to conceive. This allows a build up in your body to a level that gives you protection against problems such as spina bifida.
  1. Try and eat a healthy balanced diet. Being as healthy as you can be and getting the right vitamins and nutrients from food will only help your chances of conceiving. Eating a diet that is rich in whole grains, healthy fats and proteins will help and avoiding or at least cutting down on sugary foods and fizzy drinks can only help.
  2. Being a healthy weight is helpful when planning to have a baby, being overweight can affect your fertility and can cause health problems for you and your child. Being a healthy weight and having a good BMI will only increase your chances of conceiving.

Here at Ultrasound care, we can offer a fertility scan to help put your mind at rest that all is okay and is as it should be, a pelvic scan is a good place to start when investigating any underlying problems that may be hindering your chances of getting pregnant. A fertility scan is an important first test for anyone that may be experiencing problems conceiving.

Why not contact your local Ultrasound Care clinic today for a fertility scan. Our friendly professional team can offer you advice and at the end of the scan will compile a full report for your GP to follow up.

Lady having a tummy scan