Private Gynaecology London

Private Gynaecology London: Expert Ultrasound Care

Are you seeking top-notch private gynaecology services in the heart of London? Look no further. At Ultrasound Care, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive and confidential ultrasound care for women in the greater London area. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to ensuring your well-being through state-of-the-art ultrasound technology, all within a discreet and comfortable environment.

Why Choose Ultrasound Care for Private Gynaecology in London?

When it comes to private gynaecology in London, you deserve the very best. Here's why you should consider Ultrasound Care for your gynaecological needs:

Immediate Same Day Results For Clients

One of the biggest benefits to private gynaecology scans with Ultrasound Care is that all clients receive immediate results to take away with them. This allows clients to leave with as much information as possible, and peace of mind that they can discuss their results with the GP.

Advanced Ultrasound Technology

Our clinic is equipped with the latest ultrasound technology, ensuring the highest level of accuracy and precision in diagnosing and monitoring gynaecological conditions. Whether you need a routine scan or have specific concerns, our cutting-edge equipment guarantees the most detailed and reliable results.

Experienced Gynaecologists

Our team of London-based gynaecologists is highly skilled, compassionate, and dedicated to providing the best care. They have years of experience in private gynaecology, allowing them to address your concerns and answer your questions with confidence and expertise.

Privacy and Comfort

We understand the sensitive nature of gynaecological care. That's why we prioritise your privacy and comfort throughout your visit. Our clinic offers a discreet and welcoming atmosphere, ensuring your experience is as stress-free as possible.

Personalised Care

At Ultrasound Care, we recognise that every woman's needs are unique. Our gynaecologists take the time to understand your specific situation, ensuring that the care you receive is tailored to your individual requirements. Your well-being is our top priority.

Services We Offer in Private Gynaecology London

Our comprehensive range of private gynaecological services includes:

  • Fertility Scans: This scan is designed to start investigating your uterus, ovaries and surrounding areas, helping to establish any issues that may hinder chances of naturally conceiving. This is the first step in determining whether you need to consider fertility treatments as part of your family planning.
  • Post Menopause Scans: These gynaecology scans are performed to check the size, shape and condition of the uterus, ovaries and lining of the womb.
  • Anomaly Scans: This scan is available to expectant mothers between 18-21 weeks of pregnancy, helping detect any abnormalities or anomalies that you should be aware of before birth.
  • Pelvic Well-Being Scans: This scan checks the size and condition of the uterus, ovaries and womb lining. It also checks for Ovarian Cancer as part of the ultrasound scan.


Ultrasound Care London also offer a range of private ultrasound scans for both men and women, including DVT Scans, Aortic Surveillance Scans, Abdominal Scans and more. For more information on all of our available private scans, visit Ultrasound Care and book online.

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