Private Gynaecology Near Me

Gynaecology scans can help give you insight into your reproductive system and help provide the information you need for the next steps of your life.

If you are looking for private gynaecology near me, Ultrasound Care can help you. With three clinics, in Birmingham, Bromsgrove and London, we are able to provide you with the right private scan depending upon your needs.

Reasons for a Private Gynaecology Scan

Private gynaecology scans can provide a number of benefits that come alongside any medical concerns that you may have.

  • Comprehensive and personalised care: you can take control of your reproductive health in an environment that feels comfortable, safe and private.
  • Address your concerns: there can be a stigma and fear around private ultrasound and gynaecology scans. Having a private scan can help you feel more comfortable to address these concerns with a professional. Your concerns can be spoken about in confidence whilst our scans aim to give you peace of mind or reassurance.
  • Shorter waiting times: often, you can find that the waiting time for a gynaecology scan can be lengthy; booking a private gynaecology scan can reduce your waiting time, preventing anxiety from building up.
  • Extended appointments: often private appointments can be for a longer period of time than general appointments, offering you more time to feel at ease and get peace of mind from your ultrasound scan.
  • Accurate diagnosis: through the use of the latest and advanced technologies available, these private scans can offer highly accurate diagnoses that are then compiled in a report for you to pass over to your GP at your own discretion.

Private gynaecology scans can not only help give you peace of mind personally but can help overcome the stigma around these types of scans and help you embrace your well-being further.

Gynaecology Scans at Ultrasound Care

At Ultrasound Care, we offer a range of gynaecology scans:

  • Fertility Scans: this scan checks your reproductive system, looking to give insight into your ability to naturally conceive or if there are issues that may hinder this. This ultrasound scan is available for patients undergoing fertility treatment.
  • Pelvic Well-Being Scans: this scan checks the size and condition of your uterus, ovaries and womb lining. During this scan, an Ovarian cancer scan is also conducted.
  • Post Menopause Scans: this scan can check the size and condition of your reproductive organs, as well as checking for pelvic inflammatory disease or the presence of ovarian cysts. It can also be used to help monitor the effects of HRT and is a cancer screening.
  • Pregnancy Anomaly Scans: This scan checks for any abnormalities or anomalies in your baby during pregnancy. It checks your baby’s major organs and bones in detail; any concerns will be relayed to you for further discussion with your GP once you have informed them.

Alongside these gynaecology scans, we offer a range of private ultrasound scans for both men and women aimed at providing deeper insight into your health, well-being and existing medical conditions that you may have.

It is important to note that Ultrasound Care do not perform pregnancy scans. For more information on pregnancy scans, please visit our sister clinic Peek A Baby.

Book With Ease at Ultrasound Care

We understand that it can be an anxious time when you are considering booking a private gynaecology scan. At Ultrasound Care, our team provide a confidential and friendly service for every patient, ensuring that from the moment you enter clinic, you are looked after, and your anxiety is eased.

For more information on any of our private ultrasound scans, please visit Ultrasound Care online. You can book online with us at your local clinic to ensure that your appointment suits your schedule.

If you have any concerns or are not sure which scan to book, give your local clinic a call today on the numbers below. Our team are available to help point you in the right direction.