Private Ultrasound Scan Near You

Are you looking for a private ultrasound scan nearby you in Birmingham? At Ultrasound Care, we offer private ultrasound scans for a variety of body parts including kidney, bladder, ureter and many others. We are registered and regulated by the Care Quality Commission and therefore follow strict clinical guidelines and protocols in carrying out the scanning procedures ensuring you are in the best hands with us.

Our caring and professional sonographers, radiologists and chaperones deliver you with a fast and reliable self-referral service. Our aim is to provide you with accurate results in the shortest time possible in order to ensure the medical practitioners will follow up accordingly. Our comprehensive commitment to meeting the needs of our clients reflects that nothing is more important to us here at Ultrasound Care.

Ultrasound Scanning Services

We offer a range of private ultrasound scans for both men and women. An ultrasound is used to create images of soft tissue structures and other organs and parts of the body. Our ultrasound scanning services include:

Abdominal Scan (Both)

Scrotal/ Testicular Scan (Men)

Aortic Surveillance Scan (Both)

Kidney, Ureter & Bladder Scan (Women)

Deep Vein Thrombosis Scan (Both)

Prostate, Kidney & Bladder Scan (Men)

  • Early Pregnancy Reassurance Scan - couple at ultrasound

    Gynaecology Scans

    Our gynaecology scans include scans for fertility, pelvic well-being scans, post menopause scans and anomaly scans.

  • Woman having a leg scan

    MSK Scans

    Our MSK Scans include scans for areas such as the shoulder and upper arm and knee, ankle and foot.

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