Musculoskeletal Scans at Ultrasound Care

Musculoskeletal pain usually starts when an injury has occurred, things such as a car accident or a fall or blow to the muscle can cause pain in that area, it can also just simply be overuse.

With Musculoskeletal pain, you may experience stiffness, and weakness and find your motion is more limited than usual. You may also get swelling and tenderness in the affected area. If you visit the doctor, they may suggest a musculoskeletal scan (also known as an MSK scan for short)

MSK Scan

An MSK scan can identify tears, sprains, and soft tissue conditions. It will produce images of joints, tendons, and ligaments within the body. Using high-frequency sound waves and a handheld device that is moved over the affected area will examine your tissues and muscles. If you suspect that your tendon or muscle is injured, an MSK scan can see if it’s torn and can determine the extent of the injury, it could be that surgery may be needed. The MSK will take between 15 and 30 minutes.

The Ultrasound Machine

The ultrasound machine used will not cause any further damage to ligaments or muscles, the procedure will be painless and does not use radiation (this means it can safely be performed on all patients, including children and pregnant women.

Our MSK specialists will talk you through their findings on the scan and will make a diagnosis of what they have seen. The treatment may include further scans required.

MSK scans available

We have various MSK scans available here at Ultrasound Care, these include the following:

Shoulder & upper arm scan, Elbow & forearm scan, wrist & hand scan, Hip & thigh scan, Knee scan, ankle & foot, groin & hernia scan and lumps & bumps scans.

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