Men’s Health

Most men compared to women pay less attention to their health, in fact, men are more likely to drink alcohol and smoke, take more risks and not see their doctor for regular checkups.

man and lady drinking coffee in bed

There are many diseases that affect us all such as Diabetes, cancer, depression, and heart disease, on top of these men, are also at risk from unique issues such as prostate cancer, which is the leading cancer in men.

Our Top Tips

So, let us have a look at things men can do to take better care of their bodies and health.

  • Limit your alcohol intake, drinking lots of alcohol increases the risk of cancer of the mouth, throat liver and colon, as well as generally just making you feel sluggish and overweight. Start by drinking less, maybe limit yourself to just a few drinks on a weekend and try not to drink in the week at all or keep it to just one drink on a weeknight. Small changes like these really will make a difference in your overall health and well-being.
  • If you smoke, try to stop or at the very least cut-down. You could try nicotine patches to help with the cravings, try and keep busy to take your mind off wanting a cigarette. Try chewing gum or sucking on a boiled sweet instead of reaching for the cigarettes.
  • Eat healthily! Try and get in lots of fruit and vegetables daily, especially as men get older, they need more fibre in their diets. You should try and eat at least two or three servings of fish each week and lots of energy foods such as wholegrain pasta and brown rice.
  • Exercise regularly, not everyone fancies working out at a gym every day but even just a 30-minute daily walk can increase cardiovascular fitness, reduce body fat, and boost muscle power. This all helps with reducing your risk of developing conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers.

If you have noticed something that just doesn’t feel right or some unusual symptoms that you may feel worried about and do not want to bother your doctor with, why not give us a call on Birmingham 0121 507 9901 or Bromsgrove 01527 910228 our friendly team are on hand to book you an appointment.

Here at Ultrasound Care, why not let us put your mind at ease that all is as it should be, we offer scans for men such as Prostate, Kidney and bladder scans, general abdominal scans and scrotal testicular scans.