Male Ultrasound Scans

Going for a male ultrasound scan can be nerve-wracking at the best of times, and unfortunately because of the current climate anxiety is even higher. We believe that you should feel safe and confident to be able to discuss your medical problems openly and have them professionally dealt with no matter what is happening in the world. A lot of scans, such as abdominal scans, are identical for men and women, however, there are many that are exclusively for men. These can seem daunting and in turn, we do not always want to address our medical issues.

What To Expect

A lot of men are under the impression that a Testicular scan hurts and is far too intrusive to be worth the effort. However, this is a low-risk procedure, that is virtually pain-free. The only sensation you may feel is slight discomfort or pain if there is injury or swelling in the testicular area. There is also no recovery time for this procedure. Contrary to the belief that male ultrasound scans are only for ages 30 plus, it is never too early to take care of men’s health, and this scan is available to men from the age of 16.

Generally, male ultrasound scans take around 20-30 minutes, just a short amount of time out of your day to ensure you are healthy and put you and your family at ease. Prostate, kidney and bladder scans are non-invasive and use soundwaves to identify a variety of medical conditions such as cysts, infections, and tumours. All you need to do is drink plenty of water and wear loose-fitting clothing.

Doctor talking to a man by a scanning machine


With an abdominal ultrasound scan, you are covering several major organs. These include the appendix, bladder, gallbladder, large and small intestines, liver, pancreas, stomach and spleen. The abdominal ultrasound scan can help identify most problems that occur in these areas, and shouldn’t cause any pain or discomfort. The feeling of relief from knowing you have done the right thing for your body is more than worth the 20 minutes out of your day.

An aortic surveillance scan is important for men with a history of AAA (abdominal aortic aneurysm) in their family. If you have any symptoms or family history it is vital to address it early, during this quick procedure it is possible to also check the narrowing of the aorta due to blood clots or plaque. Ultrasound procedures are safe and reliable and unlike X-rays, do not carry any risks related to radiation effects.

Deep Vein Thrombosis scans, similarly to abdominal scans, are available to women as well as men, and can affect anyone of any age. However, it is much more common to develop DVT if you are a smoker or over the age of 40. DVT is indicated by the swelling of the lower extremities of the legs, leg pain and redness along the shins. Once you have had your scan a full report will swiftly be compiled for your GP to follow up and put you on the right track to deal with your discomfort.

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At Ultrasound Care we want to put you at ease, you shouldn’t have to wait in pain unsure of whether you should act on it. We have an easy booking system and all the information you need to prepare you for your male ultrasound scan. We offer a wide variety of scans and provide accurate and to-the-point results in quick succession. All scans are of high quality, affordable and have a great team of Radiologists, Sonographers, chaperones and receptionists working to help you. For any form of male ultrasound scan, we are here to support you. Take a look at what we provide in full here.