Testicular Scan

As a man, numerous problems can occur in the testicular/scrotal area.

The two testicles are the main male organs that produce the male sex hormone testosterone and sperm. The fleshy pouch situated just underneath is called the scrotum.

A man can suffer testicular pain or a change in the feel of the testicles, things such as lumps or a firmness that was not there before, it can be alarming, but thankfully major testicular diseases are uncommon, and these symptoms will usually be nothing serious, but we recommend always getting them checked out as soon as possible.

A worried man

In the current climate doctors’ surgeries are inundated with appointment requests now so why not give Ultrasound Care a call we can usually get you seen within a few days and a scrotal/testicular scan will only cost you £110.

Most lumps will usually be nothing more than a cyst but if you are finding pain or heaviness in the scrotum that is not normally there or a dull ache in the groin area it could be something more serious.

In many men, something serious like testicular cancer can lie undetected for years, but it can also grow rapidly and need treatment urgently. As with all cancers, it can spread quickly and keep spreading until it is treated.

Our Ultrasound Scans can help you

At Ultrasound Care a testicular scan is a safe and painless procedure that will take no longer than 15-30 minutes. It is non-invasive and simply requires a consultant to apply a water-based gel onto the scrotal area and testicles. A transducer or probe will then glide over each targeted area, this will produce high-frequency soundwaves that through a computer will be turned into images on our screen. The testicular scan will show up any abnormal growths and changes and can assess the cause of your lump or discomfort.

The testicular scan is available to men from the age of 16 years old and above. Give our friendly team a call today and book an appointment with us. We offer the best care and attention to sensitive issues and promise to do our best to ease any health worries you may be having.