Why Private Scans Can Be More Beneficial Than Regular Scans

A lot of people find themselves questioning, what is better for me? A private scan or one arranged through the NHS? And often enough private scans outweigh the winner.  We’re going to explain to you exactly why.

Private Scans

Whether a pregnancy scan or a men’s kidney scan, one of the main things to consider is the substantial amount of people in the country that need some type of scan. This, unfortunately, means that sometimes waiting times with the NHS might be slightly longer than you had hoped.

The NHS is amazing, and our doctors and nurses work tirelessly to provide the nation with the best health care and of course, everyone is grateful for their service, however, due to the increased demand and pressure (especially with the current pandemic), it can mean that you may have to wait in a prolonged queue for your scans. This is where we come in!

Here at Ultrasound Care, we provide a vast variety of affordable services for both men and women, so whether you need a general ‘check-up’ scan or have found a problem you want to look into, we have the facilities to help you.

Men’s Scans are often considered invasive and a lot of men find themselves put off going for one due to the suspected awkwardness. This is actually a common misconception and here at Ultrasound Care, we have the facilities to make the experience comfortable and easy-going for you. This applies also to our Women’s Scans. We offer a range of health scans as well as Gynaecology services so that all types of scanning services are provided under one roof.


Why Private Scans are Beneficial.

As previously mentioned, one of the greatest benefits is having the luxury of your scan as soon as possible, on a time schedule that suits you. This means you can plan your scan around work and home commitments.

If you are someone who likes reassurance, a private scan might just be perfect for you! Having a scan done without a referral; just the ‘check-up’ can give you the peace of mind you’re seeking.  In addition, here at Ultrasound Care we have private waiting areas with comfortable seating, magazines, and television to maintain a relaxed environment while you wait for your appointment. This is a luxury not always available through the NHS due to the busyness of their waiting rooms.

We have a 100% result for patients who are scanned and provided with immediate results, 95% result of patients who are scanned whilst still waiting for a referral from their GP and 97% of our patients are seen and scanned within 5 days.


Why us at Ultrasound Care?

Here at Ultrasound Care Scanning Services, we have been successfully serving in the field since 2008 meaning we have years of experience. We hold all of our clients in the highest regard and strive to provide the best possible service, from scans to general comfort. We have a perfect self-referral percentage at 100% and facilitate for our patients to receive diagnostic results immediately. The use of ultrasound is safe to examine the human body using high-frequency sound waves. It helps to diagnose or monitor conditions of various parts and organs of the body. Unlike X-rays and other forms of radiation-emitting methods, ultrasound does not carry any risks relating to radiation effects.

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