Women’s Health & Gynaecology

Women’s health is very important! Your health is something you should take care of and be aware of in case anything changes.

Women can be at higher risk of developing certain conditions than men and therefore must stay on top of tests and checks to ensure optimum health. A part of women’s health is gynaecology. This is a specialist area of healthcare for women that specialises in the unique needs of the female reproductive system.

Why is gynaecology important?

As a specialist field of women’s health, why is this so important?

Gynaecology tests can provide early diagnosis and treatment for disorders that may develop in the reproductive system. Some disorders include endometriosis, infertility, menopause, or pelvic pain. The tests done include pap/smear tests, cancer screenings and pelvic exams as some examples.

Some of these tests are done through our GP as routine as well as being available through private means. You are given regular check-ups and are notified when these are due. Pap/Smear tests are one example of this.

For women who have reached menopause, post-menopause scans can also be performed to check the condition of the uterus, ovaries, and lining of the womb to detect any diseases or cysts that may be present.

How Ultrasound Care can help...

Ultrasound Care in Birmingham provide scans for both women’s health and gynaecology. Our Bromsgrove and London clinics provide Women's Scans too. Scans available include:

More information on each of these scans and any others that are available can be found online. All information regarding what takes place during your appointment, pre-appointment preparation and what happens afterwards is available. You can also book online with us at your convenience.

We also offer a range of pregnancy scans with our sister clinic Peek-A-Baby. Their scan packages can be found here.

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