Scan for blood clots in legs/ DVT Scan

If you have symptoms of pain or swelling in your legs…or even just tenderness that you have not noticed before it could be a sign of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) This can occur if the leg or affected vein has been involved in some sort of trauma or an injury. These symptoms can also occur if you have been on a long-haul flight or have had to have bed rest for a long period of time. If normal blood clotting is altered in some way by hormones or during illness this can also cause DVT type symptoms. If there is a family history of DVT you would also be wise to look out for any signs that all is not as it should be.

What is DVT?

DVT is a partial blockage or total blockage of one or more veins in the leg by clotting of the blood, this can cause the symptoms we have described above.

If you are worried and would like to be checked over without having to wait for a referral from your doctor, why not give us a call here at Ultrasound Care. We can get you in quickly and examine you to put your mind at rest and provide you with a full diagnostic report for your doctor who can then take it from there.

Here at Ultrasound Care, a DVT scan will be performed to check the venous flow of blood in the legs.

We will check the legs for the presence of thrombus (a blood clot) by carrying out a unilateral scan (on one leg) or a bilateral scan (on two legs) The appointment for this scan will take between 20 and 30 minutes.

The procedure should be fairly painless, we will use an ultrasound scanner with some gel to visualise the veins in the affected leg/s.  We will examine fully the flow of blood to your veins, this will usually require some gentle squeezing of the leg or limb and we may also need to gently apply some pressure to the veins using some pressure with the ultrasound probe. This will show us if a vein is obstructed by a clot.

In preparation for your scan for blood clots in legs, we would ask you to wear loose-fitting clothing and maintain any routine medication that you may be taking. This DVT scan is available to women and men from 16 years of age.

A full detailed diagnostic report will be compiled for you on the same day.


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